UK Shelter Forum 17

UK Shelter Forum 17 was held on 24th April 2015 and co-hosted by Habitat for Humanity, CRS and UCL.

Agenda for UKSF 17


Presentations for the event are below:

Updates and Announcements

Community Based Safe School Construction by Hayley Gryc (Arup)

Global Shelter Cluster online training by Charles Parrack (Oxford Brookes)

Expanding Impact by Seki Hirano (CRS)

Capacity building for urban humanitarian response by Diane Archer (IIED)

India Shelter Forum by Anshu Sharma

RedR’s Hands on Weekend by Aaron Walawalkar (RedR)

Discussion Sessions

Area based approaches to urban crises by Elizabeth Parker and Victoria Maynard

Disaster diplomacy; Reconstruction Planning Before a Disaster by Ilan Kelman (UCL)

Protection Mainstreaming by Cat Cowley (CAFOD, Caritas Australia, Catholic Relief Services, and Trocaire)

Development of the ‘Refugee Housing Unit ‘ – learning from the process by Shaun Scales (UNHCR)


Reciproboo Bamboo Kit by Shaun Halbert

Talks Session

Urban Tripoli in Lebanon and in Kirkuk in Iraq by Amelia Rule (CARE)

Community-led settlement planning by Annika Grafweg (The Border Consortium)

All Under One Roof by Valerie Scherrer (CBM) & Graham Saunders (IFRC)

Engaging Humanitarians and Non-humanitarian Actors in Urban Emergency Response by Eddie Argenal (USAID)

Developing resilient habitats after a disaster and Program Brief by Jan-Willem Wegdam (Cordaid)

Notes for the event.