18th UK Shelter Forum

UK Shelter Forum 18 took place on Friday the 13th of May 2016 and was hosted by CARE and the Institution of Structural Engineers.

UKSF18 Panel

UKSF18 Panel. From left to right: Wendy Fenton, ODI HPG; Dominic Courage, Save the Children; Fergus McBean, humanitarian preparedness advisor; Prof. Jonathan Wolff, UCL.

The theme of this forum was ‘Risk and Responsibility’:

Humanitarian shelter projects and practitioners often place significant emphasis on stronger, ‘better’ buildings, aiming to reduce the risk of those building collapsing in future events. Associated with this is a range of standards and expectations, and often serious concerns about liability for unsafe buildings. 

This forum aims to explore the risks faced by vulnerable populations and how those risks affect their choices and priorities – and what ‘better’ means to them. It will ask where responsibility for minimising these risks lies and to question whether all these risks, choices & priorities are adequately reflected in humanitarian shelter programmes and the shelters or buildings that result. 

The agenda for the event was:

UKSF18 Agenda 1

UKSF18 Agenda 2

UKSF18 Agenda

Presentations from UK Shelter Forum 18 are below. Notes on the discussions will be added here in due course.

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Talks session 1

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Talks on construction:

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