Bridging Asia Shelter Forum 2020 & 21: Marc D’Silva

The Asia Shelter Forum reflects the importance of government leadership to bring CBOs and I/NGOs together to share, reflect and identify the most appropriate housing solutions, especially for the most vulnerable in our societies. CRS reaffirms its commitment to governments and civil society organizations across Asia to support your goals for safe & dignified homes for vulnerable households in the countries. This partnership has already moved forward in Nepal, Bangladesh, Philippines, and Indonesia, and this needs to replicate in other countries like India, Vietnam and Myanmar, where there are high shelter needs as well. Last year CRS identified Homes and Communities all other aspects of shelter beyond brick and mortar, to make a house a home and a settlement a community. Homes and Communities is a priority global program area, through which we intend to help at least 10 million to safeguard safe homes and communities by 2030. This is a long-term process requiring coordination between many stakeholders and led by the governments. Mr. D’Silva added work is just beginning on how to use the unique platform of ASF for dialogue between governments, organizations, and civil society, and continue dialogue. He encouraged participation in one or more of the working groups, so that the
key points can be taken to next year and beyond.