UK Shelter Forum 24 – Presentations

The 24th UK Shelter Forum was on the topic of “Health and Shelter”, and was held on 10th May 2019 at the University of Bath, co-hosted by CRS and University of Bath.

Below are the presentations from the UK Shelter Forum:


Health and Shelter-Setting the Theme: Bill Flinn
Healthy Homes: Jakob Knudsen
Disability inclusion in shelter and settlements: Dalia Aranki
Nepal research & Women’s Group: Lucila Carbonell
Humanitarian Finance: Lizzie Babister
Single use plastics & Moving Energy Initiative: Jake Zarins
Shelter Projects: Alberto Piccioli

Discussion Group Presentations:

Health and Environment: Richard Luff, Jakob Knudsen, Steven Lindsay
Physical and Psychological Health and Wellbeing: Dalia Aranki, Jamie Richardson
Inclusion and Gender: Amelia Rule, Lucila Carbonell, Salem Al Qudwa
SPHERE – Health and Shelter: Dr. Eba Pasha, Ela Serdaroglu, Kit Dyer, Seki Hirano
Energy: Charles Parrack, Jake Zarins
Shelter Performance for User Comfort: Francis Moran, Shaun Halbert, Jens Odgaard Olsson
(1) Preferred Shelter for Temporary Communities
(2) Reducing Health Hazards of Living in Bamboo Relief Shelters


A Technical Workshop on Health and Shelter was also held on 9th May. Below are the presentations from the Workshop.
Breakout Group 1
Chair: Richard Luff

Trees for Refugees and Health: Richard Luff
Malaria Control: Jakob Brandtberg Knudsen
Thermal Comfort-field work update: Dima Albadra
WHO- Healthy Housing: Jamie Richardson
Better Health Effects from a Better Indoor Climate: Jens Olsson

Breakout Group 2
Chair: Charles Parrack

Context and Research Gaps: Charles Parrack
Predicting thermal comfort: Santiago Velez
Moving Energy Initiative: Glada Lahn
IAQ and shelter Health: Andy Dengel
Engineering Hope: Anna Ruiton

Breakout Group 3
Chair: Jason Hart

Design Support Tool:
Steve Lo
Shelter rehabilitation for health: Sulyeman Demir
Shelter adaptations for thermal comfort: Francis Moran
Energy & Health: Jake Zarins
IFRC “All under one roof”: Sandra D’Urzo