ASF 2020, Closing Remarks from Event Chair. Mr. Surendar Mohan Shrestha, Joint Secretary, MoUD

Mr. Surendra Mohan Shrestha offered a vote of thanks on behalf of the Minister, Mr. Krishna Gopal Shrestha, Ministry of Urban Development. He praised the beauty of this forum to discuss challenges and identify solutions for our communities. He also expressed his commitment to ensure continued support in such regional collaborations and highlighted that such networks are important for regional learning. ASF needs to foster all countries in Asia-Pacific region to enhance its partnership and collaborations. He stated that the technical support would be essential as Nepalis advancing towards building resilient communities and much of the work remains to be done in the housing recovery of vulnerable households, urban areas and retrofitting, to ensure that no one is left behind. He further reiterated that MoUD remains committed to contributing to remaining reconstruction, preparedness and regular development works and ASF could play an important role to enrich knowledge transfer to policy makers and practitioners as it continues to expand in the region with robust support systems to coordinate, share ideas and implement best practices at all levels from grassroots level to regional, national and global shelter cluster.